In Memoriam

I started this blog pondering about how life is so uncertain! You never miss someone until they’re gone and it is only in our dark times do we truly appreciate the colorful moments. They are but memories! Memories of the good, the not so good, the neutral & the ecstatic!

This is my first post and it would only befitting to show gratitude & respect to the friends who turned brothers. To the man who got me addicted to Travelling, Adventure Sports, Off-Roading, Dark Psy Trance, Nithin aka “N.U” aka “Tin Tin” aka “Bakasura” aka “Bak-a-sutra”

Dipping in Krishna!
Nithin: “Macha! It will be nice to to take a dip noe? After all the head-banging last night, I’ll be refreshed to drive back also! Taken on the way back after the Behemoth Concert the previous night— @Krishna River, Guntur Hyderabad (Sept 2016)

To the most craziest drinking partner with whom we shared the same passions live gig addict, Rock/Metal fanatic, Beer guzzler, Snooker/pool champ, ULTIMATE Nerd (Read: Programmer zzzzz), GAMER I have ever met, Rohit Menon aka “Mallu” aka “Butter Finger’s” aka “Butter Feet” aka “Fish Fry”

“Macha! Lets go get some beers, What say? @Krishna River (Sept 2016)

They were “ECCENTRIC” but they weren’t your average smart guy’s either. They were friends who made a huge difference in my outlook towards life. They were bat shit crazy,! EverReady for an adventure. Anyone who has shared a considerable amount of time with them will know what am talking about.

Mallu: “Macha! Death Metal pose; Nithin: “F**k you idiots! I’m gonna enjoy this view; Other participant in my experiment – Roshan (Mallu’s bro) : “Let me jus pose normally” @Kadalundi Beach, Calicut (May 2015)

Nithin was street smart, he could knock your lights out if it came down to it. Fearless! That was his greatest strength. He would fall, break his bones, feel bad about it, only to recover and ride again. That’s all he ever wanted to do, RIDE! Behind all that toughness was a gentle, strong willed, most caring, kindhearted soul I’ve ever met.

Always ready to help, Selflessly! River Rafting @Srimangala, Coorg (Sept 2014)

One time, he was being so helpful and kind at a friend’s wedding that some lady asked if he was the groom or part of the groom’s family. She wanted him to meet her daughter. He gave her a 100 watt smile only to curse her later on. “Stupid lady! Wants me to meet her daughter it seems” says as he downs a shot.

That smile when your organizing your own 4×4 Off-Roading event in an awesome location @Mudigere, Chikmangalur (Sept 2014)

Another time, he gave a transgender some money. While he is out with a friend on another day, they bump into the same transgender who remembers him, gets all excited and waves at him. He waves back innocently, only to turn & see his friend shocked at the exchange. whoever knew that Nithin had varied friends? He never mentioned her or that story ever again!

He opened my eyes to a lot of adventures. Always told me to “keep searching” and helped me get my favorite bike!

Nithin, Me perfecting my signature move – ‘Floating Corpse’ & Govind looking on @Cauvery River, Srimangala, Coorg (Sept 2014)

Mallu was a geek, not in the typical sense though! He was a person with unique passions that’s what brought us together. Passions! Mallu loved gaming so much that he could have probably abandoned his girlfriend for the newest edition of FIFA.

He was trying to pee but instead got his shirt stuck in the bush @ITPL, Bangalore 2017

He was super smart in a way that he could party all night with you, go for his engineering semester exam the next morning, ACE it and come back to continue the party. The teacher’s asked him not to attend class and that they would give him the required attendance. Fact is, that he beat his teacher at a coding duel. He was way smarter than those lecturer’s we had in our Engineering days. “Teach the Teacher” is how he loved showing off! This fellow partied with me throughout. He got distinction! I failed miserably. How he did it? That will remain a mystery to me.

Mallu: “Macha, Let me ride this rickshaw; Me: “Its a nice place. Don’t! Mallu: “Balls to them and their fancy bollocks” @Windmills Craftworks, Bangalore 2017

He taught me the importance of physics in everything that surrounds us. How everything reacts a certain way, Cause and effect! He loved the fantasy world of his games as much as he did with life! Mallu had a depth at understanding things, he could filter the surface layer and reveal a person’s true intentions. His positivity & cheerfulness was infectious!

RIP Brothers, I can’t wait to meet up on the other side.

Until then, keep my glass filled!

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