I visited Himachal twice in the same year (Apr & Aug 2016) as I couldn’t get enough of this place and I’m still thirsty for more. Initially, it was all about the “ICE”, when I say “ICE”, I mean it in the literal sense of it. “STONER Ice Cream” lover’s please stop smiling and continue reading…

I have never seen or touched snow before and it was top priority for me, as well as my buddy/brother Shravan aka BOB aka Psy Daddi (god only knows why? but, what about “Goa Gill?) aka “Trip-esh Ganesh”



The moment we landed, I saw a smoking hot Israeli, smoking a J in front of the local cops. I was sure as hell she was gonna get busted. Instead she was given a wide brimmed smile from the pot bellied policemen, who were more interested in her ass rather than what she was puffing away to glory.

“Too CHEESY buddy hai mast mast!

Ok! Then. Walking down… More Israelis! WTF? Where are the Indians when you need them? I asked Bob. Bob was more interested in the snow capped mountains, that he almost fell right into Parvati’s icy cold ravine.

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Kasol is every hippie’s paradise, Parvati valley is as enchanting as a dark psy trance party in the middle of the pine forests. It was surreal!

Kasol operating as a base camp for all of our adventures.


A religious site for the Sikh community and about 3kms from Kasol. The gurudwara is located on the banks of Parvati and houses a natural hot water spring in it. One of the many hot water springs in Himachal.


Manikaran Hot Spring


The starting point of the trek to Malana is about 22 km from Kasol, which was graciously accommodated by cabby “MRI”-nal in his uber cool Alto. He was a friendly chap, who would have blown BOB for his brand new MI phone (ordered specially for this trip).

Engaging us in conversation about how we were going to the “Mother Ship” and that how much ever we smoke, it would be like, “taking a jug of water, out of an ocean” (translated as told in Hindi).

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He introduced us to “Pinned”-Ju, who would meet us halfway through the trek. Mr.Ju invited us to his place, to taste the holy grail of “Cream” with a touch of red “ICE”

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We stayed at the “Dragon Cafe”, one among the farms of Bob Mar(ijuana) loyalists.

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The people of Malana are supposedly descendants of “Alexander the Great”. A tribe of millionaires (no exaggerations), who have no clue about the value of money they hold. They have a separate democracy themselves and are devoid of external contact, only to learn from visiting travelers alike and vice versa.

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The temperature dropped to about 4*C in the night and me being a stud, have bought winter wear suited for Bangalore. I downed the whiskey like never before! While the almighty turned “ASH” to stone!

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Our lighters decided to stop working. We were left with a borrowed matchstick and the saving grace of a candle. Thank you Jesus! said Bob, while I lit up a smoke. Post which I did not know what came over me, but I decided to act like MAD-uri Dixit.

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Kheer-Panga officially “Khir Ganga”

Need TANT? Nope! A tent would do

Barshaini (18km from Kasol) is the starting point of the trek to visit Mr. Boom Shankars son’s (as corrected by Bob) meditation spot of 3000 years. The 12 km trek was simply soul cleansing. Invigorating views through thick pine forests and numerous waterfall’s to cross.

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It’s as though you have walked into a fantasy land, to realize you’re not the first one there. Now that you’ve made it, you’re welcome to stay & enjoy in its splendor.

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The origin of the spring is high in the mountains, flows down a winding path made by humans to neutralize the effects of sulfur and ends in a pool for you to lay in. YES! the men and women bathe in the same pool and NO! you cannot see them. Why? Courtesy: “The wooden partition”

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The air is cold but once you get in, its heavenly! You can sit there for hours, until the “Babaji” (priest) of the temple close by, calls you “Badmaash” (Hindi for notorious) and kicks you out.

If your ever trekking, please make friends with the dogs around. They are your best guides when you have lost your way. They will look right at you, bark and take off suddenly, urging you to follow them! DO IT!


A 4km trek towards the left at Barshaini’s Hydel project will bring you to Tosh.

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I was awestruck by the natural charm of this place. In all it was a trip where I could hear my thoughts, as though the mountains echoed them out loud back to me. I realized that we are just a tiny speck in comparison to the mighty that is nature, that which is our world, that which can wipe us out in a heartbeat.


The silence I was craving for, was deafening!

I learnt to let go and just be alive, eating momo’s and maggi noodles, smoking the best shit, trekked to some amazing locations in the Himalaya’s, bathed in hot water springs. Absolute Bliss!

To all those seeking solitude, this is the place to be!


It just might be, what the doctor prescribes!

*Disclaimer: Names have been changed for obvious reasons.

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