I prefer to call it Go-KARMA, as it was literally Karma which got me here. Aching to get out of Bangalore for the New Year’s (2010) and spontaneity being the norm, I ended up here. Little had I known then, that this place would become the go to place for many of friends bachelors party and serenity seeking nomads like me.


Gokarna is a temple town/beach hamlet on the west coast (Arabian Sea) in Karnataka. It is about 480kms from Bangalore and 145kms away from Goa, Praise Jesus!


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“Shiva” has bestowed immaculate beaches such as Om, Kudle, Half Moon & Paradise. The beaches are quite close to each other, you can either trek your way through or use the boring, time conscious boats.


A laid back and chilled out atmosphere welcomes you, apart from the sweaty humidity. Beach side shacks can be rented for a meager 200 bucks if your willing to stay in temporary, fragile, bed bug ridden thatched cottages. Well that wasn’t my main concern, as it was way better than my nagging ex-girlfriend.

Swami Nitya-Ananda: F*** it ra!  Other’s: On point!

The most popular beaches are Om & Kudle, they have decent accommodation, a variety of activities, water sports and a lot of crowd. “I dint sign up for this” I told my friends, “Don’t worry macha” we’re not staying here, said my best bud Nithin and off we were, trekking our way through the cliff side to Half-Moon.


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Half-Moon was one of THE best beaches I’ve ever witnessed. Very calm with a gradual progression that you could walk 500 mts into it without encountering any sudden drop or bedrocks. Very basic accommodation and not for the faint hearted. That is, if your not into full frontal & dorsal nudity (women off course!)


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Paradise Beach was indeed a PARADISE for all those who were lucky enough to be able to stay/camp out here. I was one of those lucky souls to party on this beach before it was completely banned to tourists. “Don’t ever make the mistake of swimming too far away or you’l be swimming forever” as told by a nude, insanely gorgeous, happily high, woman foreigner. Sorry woman! I wasn’t listening….. I was fixated!

It’s the last beach, at the tail end of Gokarna.


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Om Beach gets its name from the aerial view which resembles the “OM” symbol in Hinduism. An awesome beach for newly married couples and recently broken up/divorced individuals alike. You can coochie coo or cry your heart out to the crashing waves and still be drowned by the noise of a drunk girl screaming “Why did he break up with me?”


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Kudle beach is at the heart of water sports in Gokarna. Para Sailing, jet ski’s, speed boats, canoeing, banana boats etc. We preferred the much merriment that comes with a Frisbee, a Tent and a lifeguard yelling at you that the beach is not your “personal swimming pool” Whatever he said….


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A soulful place, crowded by the unimaginative!

For every restless being, this is your NIRVANA!


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