Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar or “Sea of Milk” as the translation goes is a mighty four-tiered waterfall on the Mandovi river. It is part of the Bhagwan Mahaveer wildlife sanctuary in Kulem, Goa.

Legend around the name of the falls centers around a princess who used to bathe in the lake near her father’s, the kings castle. After her bath, the princess would consume a jar of milk offered by her handmaidens on the shores of the lake. One day a handsome prince was lurking in the woods nearby. On hearing the laughter and chatter of the ladies, he decided to take on the role of a “Peeping Tom”. Upon encountering this creepy dude, the flabbergasted ladies decided to pour the milk in a cascade form to protect the modesty of their princess. It is believed that the milk poured by the princess still flows down the mountain, hence the namesake of the falls.

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I strapped my adventure boots on and got off the Vasco-Nizammudin express train near Sonaulim (60 kms from Panjim). It was an unscheduled stop of 1-2 mins to start the trek towards the falls. The trail winds down from the tracks leading to a temple. It further leads into the dense jungles and there are many where one can get lost.

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You can rent a jeep for a thrilling off road experience through the jungles but it is impassable during the monsoon, with trekking being your only option. It was peak monsoon during my excursion and due to the swollen Mandovi, it took nearly 2 hours to reach the base of the waterfall. You will encounter many streams varying in size and intensity.

Caution: Please ensure you hire an experienced tour guide with proper safety gear. It is illegal and dangerous to trek within the forest reserve. All entry points apart form the main entrance are banned. A week after my sojourn, a fellow traveler was swept away due to the strong currents in the streams.

The rich bio diversity of the national park and dangerous streams to cross was adrenaline thumping. It is indeed a spectacle to witness the falls when it is in full force. A soul rejuvenation!

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