Maharashtra’s highest peak

Kalsubai stands at an elevation of 1640 mts and is fondly referred to as the “Mt.Everest of Maharashtra”. It lies in the Kalsubai-Harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary and offer’s scintillating views of the surrounding Bhandardara region.

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The mountain was christened in memory of a woman (Kalsu Bai) who was banished from her village (Indorey). She climbed the mountain, took refuge on its summit and passed away there. A temple has been constructed in her honor with regular peace offerings taking place.

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There are two ways to trek the summit, one through the village of Indorey which is arduous with dangerous rock patches and lacks support. The other is through the popular base village at Bari, earmarked with proper designated routes and iron ladders to assist the trekker’s and devotee’s alike.

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It takes anywhere between 2 – 3 hours to reach the top depending on the weather and your stamina. It was monsoon and the weather was perfect. It rained throughout my trek to relent only on my descent. My only regret? I wasn’t able to witness the spectacular views from the summit. I was engulfed in fog and drenched to my bones. The strong winds and freezing hands made for a pneumonic experience.

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