One of the provinces of Thailand. A tiny, baby tail jutting out island in the Andaman sea! A desperate shop-a-holics paradise and a beach addicts holy abode! Where a smoking pussy is not something taboo and a huff puff behind the bushes kinda activity! Blessed Almighty! for a mighty eye opener, I meant a bottle... Continue Reading →

Poda “Patti”

Kerala Warning: Please DO NOT use the title of my post on any Keralite or Malayalam understanding folk, unless you want to be smacked in the face or endure a riot/protest outside your home. God's own country with their very own law! Shakee-law (sex siren of my dad's era). Hairy peoples, thanks to the coconut... Continue Reading →


I prefer to call it Go-KARMA, as it was literally Karma which got me here. Aching to get out of Bangalore for the New Year's (2010) and spontaneity being the norm, I ended up here. Little had I known then, that this place would become the go to place for many of friends bachelors party... Continue Reading →


I have never been more mesmerized by any other destination than the "Princess of Hills". My first rendezvous with her was in 2008 and yet to get bored. A city in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, at an elevation of 2100mts along the Palani Hill range. Thick forests, waterfalls, lakes and misty mountains call... Continue Reading →


I visited Himachal twice in the same year (Apr & Aug 2016) as I couldn't get enough of this place and I'm still thirsty for more. Initially, it was all about the “ICE”, when I say “ICE”, I mean it in the literal sense of it. “STONER Ice Cream" lover's please stop smiling and continue... Continue Reading →


I titled this post “Kela” and for good reason! If you’ve traveled across the North East (NE), this is one of the most common cuss words. I shall leave the translation to your imagination. I usually plan my trips, well reasonably at least. However on this one, I followed my intuition instead.  I'm glad I... Continue Reading →

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