I visited Himachal twice in the same year (Apr & Aug 2016) as I couldn't get enough of this place and I'm still thirsty for more. Initially, it was all about the “ICE”, when I say “ICE”, I mean it in the literal sense of it. “STONER Ice Cream" lover's please stop smiling and continue... Continue Reading →

In Memoriam

I started this blog pondering about how life is so uncertain! You never miss someone until they're gone and it is only in our dark times do we truly appreciate the colorful moments. They are but memories! Memories of the good, the not so good, the neutral & the ecstatic! This is my first post... Continue Reading →


I titled this post “Kela” and for good reason! If you’ve traveled across the North East (NE), this is one of the most common cuss words. I shall leave the translation to your imagination. I usually plan my trips, well reasonably at least. However on this one, I followed my intuition instead.  I'm glad I... Continue Reading →

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